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Featherblade Steak

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Rating: 5 out of 5 (6 reviews)

1 x 170g/6oz Steak £1.95
1 x 227g/8oz Steak £2.60
5 x 170g/6oz Steaks Most popular £9.50
5 x 227g/8oz Steaks £13.00

Product Description

The Featherblade steak (or feather steak) is one for foodies who know how to track down an unusual bargain cut from their butcher. Far more versatile than it is given credit for in Britain, (where we tend to braise it), in Europe and across in the USA, where it is more popular, it is great grilled on the BBQ and served rare to medium-rare so as not to allow it to toughen.

Taken from the shoulder blade of the cattle, it has a distinctive ‘feather’ like tissue running through it, and although small packs a lot of sweet flavour.

Growing in popularity now thanks to it's appearances on TV with celebrity chefs such as Tom Kerridge and Jamie Oliver, it is apparently one of the top sellers at 'Jamie's Italian' restaurants

Cooking tips

Remove from the pan/grill/bbq and allow to rest for 4-5 minutes. As it is such a small muscle it’s really important it’s allowed time to rest properly so that the fibres do not to toughen up too much when overdone.

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Customer Reviews


Adam Furniss

Not the best cut, but for the price they are definitely 5/5

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Keith Ahmed

Great value steak. Pack plenty taste but can be a little chewy. Will buy again.

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Bill Kruse

Bill Kruse

These were very nice. I did them in a remoska which made them a bit chewy despite always preserving moisture but I think a short braise would probably suit these best. That's what I'll try when I buy these again :-)

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John Silverton

John Silverton

Ordered a pack of 5 to test and they were lovely, so I decided to order 9 more to put in the freezer (45 steaks), however it seems they've recently employed Sweeney Todd to cut the meat. If I wanted a piece of meat the size of 2X2 I would have asked my local builders merchant to cut it up for me! Very disappointed.

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Wayne Pilgrim


Awesome steak & service

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Dan Skeen

taste great

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