Our Farmers

The farmers of Britain are the real unsung heroes of our company.

The only reason you and me aren’t farmers is because farmers exist. Without them, we wouldn’t have food, it’s that simple. They’re god like figures to us butchers, and they really don’t get enough credit.

Northumberland Countryside Farm

We work with a pretty diverse group of farmers, and our ethos as a company has always been to work with suppliers that we know and trust. This means that we decided to build our focus on trust and reputation rather than certificates and badges.

Great British Meat Farmers Market

Our farmers are hard working, 365 days a year, independent farmers, without backing from big food retailers. They’re decent, salt of the earth characters who know and respect their animals and every inch of their lush British farmland.

Great British Meat Farmer

People like Alastair Pattinson, who for more than four decades has reared all kinds of Beef Cattle, Poultry, Sheep and Lamb at Wallhouses, the independent family farm that is nestled on the fells at Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland. There’s no doubting what his favourite is though

The cattle are definitely my favourite. They’ve got such big personalities,

And they’re clever, and have their own hierarchy and social structure around the field. They all have their own patch, so to speak, and they can get quite territorial it’s sometimes a challenge to get some of them into another field for rotation.