Love Pork 'One-Pot' Campaign

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New Pulled Pork Campaign

Our friends at Love Pork from AHDB are launching a new ad campaign next week, designed to encourage a new range of ‘One Pot’ pulled pork recipes. With a focus on the ease and affordability of pork shoulder, the campaign will carry on the good work of the previous ‘Make it Pulled Pork’ campaign in April.



The new campaign will highlight how healthy and versatile pork can be, especially as a midweek-meal. At Great British Meat Co we couldn’t agree more. With more people working from home again, tasty pulled pork is a great option for time-poor families on a budget to enjoy. 

The website will feature a bunch of new easy recipes that use only a handful of ingredients – made clear with the new strap-line ‘One Pot, 5 ingredients’ – and a whole host of digital content designed to inspire and educate families on how to cook pulled pork and what to do with the leftovers.   

Louisiana Pulled Pork

Pulled pork has taken Britain by storm over the last decade or so. Despite usually been associated with eating-out in restaurants, bbq smokehouses or street-food vendors it is much easier to make at home than people think.  

To help get that message across the campaign features the video above from Cornwall based Chef Jamie Coleman. This delicious easy cook Sweet 'n' Smoky pulled pork dish,  is perfect for slow cooking on a weekend or while working from home. Best of all it’s a great entry level recipe for the pulled pork beginner, and will serve you well for years to come.

Mexican Pulled Pork Recipe 

The Love Pork campaign, goes live on 5th October and will run across out of home, social media, on demand TV channels and social media for six weeks.