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Healthy High Protein Meat Breakfast

Full English Breakfast fighting back

Posted in Miscellany by Sam 2 years ago

As it’s National Breakfast Week, we thought it’d be fitting to talk about our favourite – a dish held dearly in the hearts of people across the country – the full English.

It’s unfortunate for our favourite that as a fitness lifestyle becomes trendier, a cooked breakfast sounds less and less appealing to the healthy-living-inclined. But, the full English remains on many breakfast menus, and even in these health conscious times, instead of this just being too good to shun for our diets, the full English is packed with flavour, and surprisingly, packed with goodness if you do it right.

So, can a full English be good for you? Rejoice breakfast lovers, because yes. Yes, it can.

A typical full English will have over 1,000 calories in it, and that sounds pretty hefty for something that can be good for you, but it really can and here's why.

Research suggests that if you eat a high protein (even fatty meal) in the morning it speeds up your metabolism for the rest of the day. With a high-protein breakfast you’ve given your body real fuel for the day. Welsh Rugby star Jamie Roberts, was recently criticised in the tabloid press for an Instagram picture of a 1,000+ calorie breakfast he was eating, (presumably a Full-Welsh breakfast) but then 24 hours later the same publications were lording him for healthy choices (his breakfast was hugely protein packed, with a 227g Steak, Pork Steak, Broccoli and Salmon). As Jamie and other top athletes know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as our bodies cry out for nutrition in the morning, but there’s little use in filling it with sugar-loaded cereals.

Sugary cereals only serve to give you a quick kick, a spike in your blood sugar that will make you feel great, but only for about an hour, tops. Protein releases its goodness slowly, so those sausages and eggs are really keeping you going. A high-protein breakfast makes our bodies release a hormone called PYY which makes us feel fuller for longer. There’s research that suggests a high-calorie high-protein breakfast stops you from craving such high-calorie meals through the day, and it helps you to stop snacking – bonus!

So what is it that really makes the difference between a greasy fry up and a good full English? Like pretty much anything else to do with good healthy eating, planning and quality are the main ingredients.

If you’ve ever fried up supermarket own brand sausages or bacon you’ll know that they shrink, massively. That’s because they’re pumped full of water and other additives that seep out when cooked. While it might make for convenience, our advice would always be to buy the best quality you can. Butchers are the experts, but you can get decent bacon and sausages from a range of places now so there is no excuse. It’s not just about the bacon or sausages either, a good Full English now whether in a hotel, cafe, restaurant or cooked at home should have less fat and less added nonsense that will mean you enjoy an amazing taste without feeling like a pot of grease after.

Keep it all natural, and – if you can – keep it all British in homage to this fantastic dish that has been loved in kitchens across the country for nearly two centuries, and that doesn’t need to end anytime soon.

Happy eating.

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