Our Meat

We’re proud to source our meat responsibly from farms, cattle markets and abattoirs near to us here in North East England. Hard working independent farmers, who know and respect their animals and every inch of their farmland.

By trading this we cut out middlemen and pay a better price for quality, that is fairer on the farmer and the customer.

Steaks Ageing

Fresh meat tastes better, that’s why all our meat is cut to order the day before it arrives with you.

We’re really proud of our meaty heritage, and we’re glad to be independent, as it means we don’t have to sell you the same old cuts of meat, sliced by a machine and wrapped in little plastic boxes.

Butcher Cutting Beef Rib

Our meat is matured in our ageing fridge, and looked after by a bunch of butchers, who have a passion for meat, and making sure it’s looked after

Buying from us means you're helping us to help British farmers keep the British countryside beautiful, so thank you. It also means you’re doing your bit for food miles, and choosing meat that has been reared on an accredited farm with high welfare standards, and that the animals have been slaughtered in an approved abattoir - humanely slaughtered.