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Lean Meat Transformation Story

Gareth Rodgers is like many other blokes in their early 30s. He was sporty as a kid, and through into his early 20s but then he stopped doing as much activity in his late 20s, had a gym membership he didn’t really use, did grab-and-go lunches at work, and had a few too many takeaways at a weekend. By the time he hit his 30s he realised he’d become pretty lazy, and certainly didn’t have the same body shape he once did….so he did something about it.

  • Height: 5’10
  • Weight: 13.3 (lost 3.5 stone)

What was the catalyst that made you go on a transformation programme?

I used to train quite a lot when I was younger, and compete to a decent standard in martial arts, but I got an injury and things just drifted. I wanted to loose weight for a few years, and I’d had a couple of attempts and gone through the motions at the gym, but being honest they were half-baked attempts as I wasn’t committed. Then last summer on holiday, my wife and I met a lovely lady who has become a good friend, and she has overcome so much adversity in her life, it just seemed to put things into perspective for me that I had to take control of my own goals. Wanting to loose weight was up to me to sort out, and no one else was going to do this for me.

How did you go about doing things?

It’s nothing complicated or scientific, just eating clean and training at the gym. Eating clean was the big change for me. Like many other people who work in an office, lunch before I started eating clean generally consisted of a sandwich, pasty, or burger from a city centre chain, with absolutely zero thought into what impact it was having. Now that I know more about nutrition and the impact on fatigue, I prepare 95% of food myself, and even the food I don’t prepare I am conscious of the impact it will have on me.

How do you stay motivated?

I really enjoy training now that I am eating correctly. With hindsight I know eating wrong was the mistake I made when I’d previously tried training a few years ago. I also keep telling myself “if not now, then when”. Recently I’ve started working with a Personal Trainer, who is a woman, and I’m motivated by not letting her down. Despite what people may say I know there are still some stigma’s attached to a man having a female trainer, and I really want to help dispel those for Becky.

Where do you find time to fit training in?

I schedule it into my diary, just like I would if it was a meeting at work, or a dentist appointment. I generally make sure I stick to the schedule, but at the same time if I do miss a session, I don’t beat myself up.

What did you do wrong at the start?

I’m not sure it was wrong, but I wish I had got involved with classes and a personal trainer earlier. When you train by yourself, you rely on ego and pride to carry you along, as you think you don’t need anyone else, but now I’m training with a professional, I know just how wrong that was.

What are your top tips for someone looking to do a similar transformation?

  • you can’t out train a bad diet - what you eat will define everything you do in the gym, so you have got to be committed to an eating plan as well as a training plan
  • buy your meat in bulk - I’ve always got chicken breast and steaks in the freezer. I take them out at night to defrost, and then prepare my meals first things in the morning. When the freezer is low I stock up, usually on a special offer or two from GBMC
  • learn how to cook from scratch using real ingredients - I actually really enjoy cooking now, but I didn’t know this until I started making my own meals, as prior to this my wife did all of the cooking.

What does an average daily meal plan look like?

  • Breakfast : I always have a black coffee first thing, and usually a bowl of porridge or an egg white omllette.
  • Mid-morning : I’ll have a portion of cottage cheese, or a protein shake
  • Lunch : always prepared in advance, generally chicken breast with rice and veg
  • Afternoon snack : I might have a protein bar or something to keep my blood sugar levels up
  • Dinner : something I can look forward to like a Flat Iron Steak or some Salmon served with Sweet Potatoes.
  • Water is also key, and I’m drinking 3 litres per day, which sounds like a lot, but it is surprising how easy it is to get through.

How about a general training plan?

My trainer is trying to vary things as much as possible, so things are pretty fluid, but I’m currently training six times a week but I almost always give myself a rest day.

  • Monday - boxfit class
  • Tuesday - Strongman training
  • Wednesday - PT or HIIT Session
  • Thursday - Strongman training
  • Friday - PT session
  • Saturday - Strongman training
  • Sunday - rest day

Gareth is trained by Becky Davison from Physique Dynamics at Vison Health and Fitness in Gateshead. If you have a meaty body transformation story that you’d like to share please drop us a line at