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Cooking Meat at Room Temperature

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We all know that meat should be stored in the fridge below 4 degrees Celsius? If you don't, it does, it's basic food hygiene and absolutely essential to keeping meat fresh.

What we aren't so good at though is bringing meat out of the refrigerator in enough time to bring it to room temperature.

Cooking Meat at Room Temperature

We know how it goes, you've just got back in the house, you dive in the fridge, take the meat out, and whack it in the pan – why wouldn't you? Well if you stick a cold piece of meat in a hot pan or grill, the chances of burning the meat increase, as the muscle tissues contract and tighten meaning it is harder to distribute heat evenly through the meat.

If you want natural juicy flavour and you want your meat to cook evenly, let it come to room temperature first. It should only take 30-60 minutes to do this, and it really will be worth it.