Artisan Cheese Fair shows the best of British

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Cheese Fairs UK

The perfect dessert to follow a tender, meaty meal definitely has to be a good cheese board. Let’s brie honest, it’s gouda stuff. Sorry for the cheese puns, we just think they’re grate.

Okay, we’ll stop.

We’re all about quality food, skilled craftsmen, and good British produce, so we’re excited to see that the Artisan Cheese Fair has announced dates for this year’s fair at Melton Mowbray Cattle Market. From April 30 to May 1, the festival will showcase rare cheeses from over 61 established cheese makers in UK artisan cheese. Visitors will be able to indulge and sample many of the 300 popular cheeses while enjoying an exclusive programme of talks, tastings and demonstrations.

It’s edam shame that events like these, that celebrate real craftsmanship, are few and far between. And let’s face it, there’s nothing feta than a nice bit of cheese. We can’t help ourselves when it comes to the puns, sorry if you camembert it.

The annual festival is now marked as the largest dedicated fair of cheese in the UK. Not only catering for cheese lovers, the fair features wine tasting, cakes, beer, chutneys, Melton Mowbray’s famous Pork Pie and more! Last year over 8,000 cheese lovers attended the event and celebrated good food; so we would recommend you take a peek and learn how the makers themselves produce varieties of cheese to a tasty standard.