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British Lamb


British lamb is quite rightly hailed as some of the very best in the world. Thanks to the sheep’s ability to thrive on fairly marginal land, the harsh hillside grasslands of the British countryside is perfect land for lamb livestock to flourish. It is no wonder that the mountains and wet climate of Wales, the Lake District, Scotland and Northern England are ideal lambing country. Our sheeps are from independent farms in Northern England, and you can taste the natural sweetness from the heather and clover that is plentiful across the hillside farms we source from there.

There are no growth promoters, hormones or unnatural feeds, when you buy lamb online from Great British Meat Co, just traditionally farmed lamb, from Britain’s rolling countryside. Our spring lambs give a light pink meat, which requires little hanging, whereas our summer and autumnal lamb has a more developed flavour and is hung for slightly longer to develop tenderness. Our buyers look for a general plumpness on the leg and shoulder of the lamb, knowing that this gives a nice amount of creamy-white fat, as in our opinion, fat on lamb is very much full of flavour.

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