A Stress Free Christmas Guide

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Stress Fee Christmas

If we here at Great British Meat were to tell you that you could have the most perfect, succulent, tasty and mouth watering Christmas dinner you've ever had with just a fraction of the effort that you would normally spend in the kitchen come Christmas day, then we'd expect people to respond with one of two responses; the first would be a sigh of relief, one so large that any kitchen ornaments not fastened down would be liable to fall over, followed by questions such as “Really?”, “Where from?” and “How did I not know about this sooner?” The second reaction we'd expect is disbelief, a wry chuckle and a severe doubt that such a miraculous meal could ever be so simple.

To the first group of people, we say “you're welcome”, read on and all will be revealed. To the second group of people, we understand your scepticism but it's true. Honest. Let us show you how.

The Christmas challenges

Anybody who has been anywhere near a family dinner table during Christmas day should have a fair idea of how difficult a full roast dinner with all the trimmings can be to pull off. To start with you've got to find a meat that everyone is happy with (not everybody wants a huge pile of turkey any more) and perfectly time all of the vegetables, sauces, gravies and potatoes to ensure that the most important feast of the year isn't served in individual portions.

Whether you choose to serve a selection of meats to appeal to every friend and family member present or settle on one choice that everybody can enjoy, there are some universal issues. The first challenge is sourcing the best pieces of meat possible, which is no mean feat during the festive season when the shops are flooded with cuts of all shapes, sizes and weights. You want a cut that will provide enough food for everybody whilst being of a high enough quality to provide a flavour that will be talked about well after everyone has finished eating and settled down in front of the television with their paper hats for their annual sofa snooze. The second challenge is preparing and cooking the meat itself. It may be that you need to serve different cuts, debone a joint or create stuffing, but whatever you have to do before dinner time is likely to be time consuming, stressful and exacting. Put simply, you're probably going to need to pour yourself a large sherry before, during and after.

The stress free Christmas solution

We promised you a Great British Meat solution, a way to make cooking the perfect, delicious and show stopping Christmas dinner without all the fuss, and so here it is; ourChristmas Meat Hampers!

A Christmas meat hamper from Great British Meat contains absolutely everything that you could possibly need to make sure the most important part of the festive meal (the meat, obviously), is fresh, of the highest quality and damn tasty if we do say so ourselves. What's more, when you order one of our Christmas hampers it will be delivered directly to your door the very next day, or on a day of your choosing.

As butchers, we know how important it is to keep your meat nice and cool, lest it spoil, so each hamper is specially packed in a temperature controlled box that keeps the meat below 4 degrees at all times. Each cut is also individually vacuum packed immediately after butchering to seal the freshness in until you get your hands on it.

Whichever of our three hampers you choose you can be sure to receive the very best meat in beautiful condition. If that's not the perfect start to the Christmas preparation then we don't know what is.

Unwrapping our stress free Christmas hampers

So, what exactly can you expect to find when you open one of our Christmas hampers? Let's take a look at both the Special Christmas Meat Hamper and the Easy-Carve Christmas Meat Hamper.

Special Christmas Meat Hamper

  • 2kg turkey breast joint
  • 2kg gammon joint
  • 12 pigs in blankets
  • 250g goose fat
  • 400g Pork Sausage Meat
  • 500g streaky bacon

Easy-Carve Christmas Meat Hamper (Boneless):

  • 2.5kg easy carve turkey breast
  • 2kg beef topside joint
  • 2kg gammon joint
  • 500g back bacon
  • 500g streaky bacon
  • 450g sausage meat
  • 36 pigs in blankets
  • 250g goose fat

As you can see, both of our hampers have everything you could possibly need in order to keep every member of the family happy and full-bellied this Christmas. In fact, there should really be enough to last you until the new year, what with three generous cuts of meat - turkey, gammon and topside beef, as well as sausage meat, pigs in blankets (possibly the best part of Christmas dinner, if you ask us) and plenty of mouth-watering bacon.

Whenever and however you choose to eat it all though, you can do so safe in the knowledge that it is fresh, well stored and easy to prepare, taking away the extra stress when it comes to buying food for the season.

Have a happy stress free Christmas dinner

No matter what you're serving up to your guests this year, the Special Christmas Meat Hamper and boneless Easy-Carve Christmas Meat Hamper from Great British Meat are guaranteed to provide all the meat and trimmings that you could possibly need, whilst our packing and delivery services take the stress out of the Christmas food shop.

Once you've clicked 'buy' you can put your feet up and enjoy all of the joy that the season has to offer until it's time to put the oven on. So long as you've got all of your present shopping done that is, that's one thing we can't help you with!